Bohemia glass

Prague Travel Guide / June 06, 2018
Bohemia glass Image credit: Moser

This traditional crystal is absolutely mesmerizing. You can find tons of shapes and sizes, all hand-cut and intricately engraved by various factories around the Czech Republic. There are a variety of brands, and quality ranges depending on brand and price.

If you are searching for a high-end present, the Moser store contains a wide selection of high-quality Bohemia glassware. For lower-end and budget presents, you can find Bohemia crystal at souvenir shops at various locations in Prague.

BEST GIFTS FOR: Your crystal-obsessed friend, mother, boss, or yourself as a home decoration.

PRICES: From 50USD, depending on brand, quality and size.

PORTABLE LEVEL: Fragile, but easy to manage. Make sure they are well wrapped for travelling!


  • You will find the lower-end Bohemia crystal shops on Wenceslas Square, Na Prikope and Celetna.
  • For higher-end, take a look at Moser: Černá růže, Na Příkopě 853/12, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

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