Ready to embark on one of the most lavish trips of your life? This cosmopolitan metropolis is the ultimate treat. Prepare to be in awe of the largest record-breaking shopping malls and 5-star hotels. Touch the clouds at the world’s tallest tower, or dine at some of the world’s most renowned restaurants.

Our Dubai travel guide is packed with everything that you need to explore this evolving and energetic city. Learn more about the top spots to eat, shop and exchange money, and discover the most-visited attractions in this fascinating city.

How to Get from Dubai International Airport to City Centre?

Here are the best transport means to get from Dubai International Airport to City.

Where to Exchange Money in Dubai?

Here are the money changers in Dubai for you to exchange money with the best rates.

What to See and Do in Dubai?

Here are the must-does in Dubai for first-timers.

Where to Eat in Dubai?

Here are the best casual restaurants in Dubai for a delicious meal.

Where to Shop in Dubai?

Here are the best shopping malls and markets in Dubai to shop and have fun.

What to Buy in Dubai?

Here are the must-buys for yourself and your loved ones at home.