5 Best Kimono Rental Shops in Kyoto with Beautiful Styles

Kyoto Travel Guide / March 18, 2017
5 Best Kimono Rental Shops in Kyoto with Beautiful Styles Image credit: Yumeyakata

There is no better way to engage in a new culture than by dressing like the natives! Wander the streets of Kyoto in elaborate, spectacular kimonos. Take a glimpse of the elegant, flowing silhouette of your shadow as it paints the sidewalk.

Make your pick from the top-rated rental stores below. Leave your day clothes at the store and wrap yourself up in stunning Japanese attire for a one-of-a-kind experience.

1. Yumeyakata

Yumeyakata Image credit: Yumeyakata


  • Most popular kimono rental in Kyoto: Established 15 years ago, Yumeyakata serves everyone from entertainment businesses, celebrities to tourists! They are well-known and well-trusted for their affordable prices, supreme quality and services.
  • Exclusive kimonos designed for Yumeyakata: With absolutely stunning original designs, you will have a tough time deciding on which one to wear. Their kimonos are available in a wide range of sizes, you will definitely find a good fit! Free tabi socks are also offered. Best of all, you have the option to keep the kimono until the next day!
  • Professional dressing and hair styling services available: All you have to do is show up! Stand still as dressers fit you into your kimono of choice. Ladies, this is the ultimate treat to pamper yourself. For an extra 1,500 yen, professional hair-stylists will quickly transform your hair into a stunning Japanese hair-do to complete your
    oriental look! Professional makeup services are also available for 3,000 yen.
  • Multiple photography locations to capture your Japanese moment: Model your new look like a Japanese goddess. Starting at 1,000 yen per photo, pose for the camera at one of many breathtaking photo locations. Locations include the historic Tufuku-ji Temple, scenic Arashiyama, Shoseien Gardens to name a few. Choose your background and let the photographer do all the work!

2. Kimono-Pro

Kimono-Pro Image credit: Kimono-Pro


  • Budget-friendly rental location: Starting from 3,000 yen, Kimono-Pro is
    one of the most affordable rentals in Tokyo. Play dress-up with the 300 available kimonos in various striking colors, patterns and designs. Don’t want to part ways with a kimono you fell in love with? You can buy it to keep forever at a reasonable cost.
  • Japanese hair-style for a complete ethnic makeover: For an extra 2,000 yen, professional hair-stylists will revamp your hair to an exotic photogenic Japanese style.
  • Free of charge next-day returns: Missed the closing time? Don’t worry! You can return the kimono up until the next day at 15:00, free of charge. Kimono-Pro are one of the few rentals that offer this service.
  • Convenient returns service: About to miss your flight back home? No time to return the kimono? Kimono-Pro offer a handy pick-up service to take back your rented kimono, right from your hotel door!

3. Rental Kimono Okamoto Kiyomizuzaka

Rental Kimono Okamoto Kiyomizuzaka Image credit: Okamoto Kiyomizuzaka


  • Elaborate experience at a small price tag: Enjoy dressing-up in a wide range of authentic textiles for just 3,000 yen. Hair-styling is also recommended for the ultimate final look. For only 500 yen, you cannot miss it!
  • Summery Yukatas and vibrant color choices: Be prepared to choose a color scheme for your traditional outfit. If you cannot decide, the staff will happily advise you on great color combinations. Okamoto also offer a generous amount of cotton summer yukatas for a bright and radiant dress-up experience. During the summer months, you can buy your very own yukata!
  • Kimono photo service at low prices: After your fitting, model your outfit next to the beautiful stained glass windows on the 2nd floor of the store. For 1,500 yen, you can print and frame your favorite shot.

4. Yume Tokyo Gion

Yume Tokyo Gion Image credit: Yume Tokyo Gion


  • Convenient location near many kimono-friendly attractions: Just a short-stop away from famous touristic sites, Yume Tokyo Gion has earned its place as the most conveniently located rental store. Visit the Yasaka shrine, the Kodai-ji temple and many more, while dressed-up in a kimono or yukata to add to the historic ambience.
  • Complete makeovers for a head-to-toe cultural transformation: Sit back and relax as the stylists transform you into a Japanese native for the day. Full make-up is available by reservation. After you’re done, get your professional photo taken for just 1,000 yen. Hair-dos cost 1,500 yen.
  • Discounted group dressing rates for the ultimate authentic excursion: Incorporate a funfilled kimono rental experience in your group’s itinerary! Yume Tokyo Gion offers discounts and special rates for groups (10+), and can accommodate for up to 100 fittings at a time.

5. Kyoetsu Gion

Kyoetsu Gion Image credit: Kyoetsu Gion


  • Wallet-friendly options without compromising on quality: If you book a day in advance, get the basic package for only 2,500 yen! Perfect your look with an oriental hair-do for 1,000 yen.
  • Hakamas available to wean you into wearing kimonos: If you are uncomfortable to wear a restricted kimono, opt for a comfortable hakama (samurai-style/skirt-like pants) instead. You can also wear boots instead of the wooden clogs to walk miles without wearing your feet down!
  • Offering 30-minute kimono fitting service at cheap price: If you are tight-for-time, Kyoestu Gion allows you to opt for a cheap and quick alternative (Why-not Plan) to the traditional kimono fittings. Simply wear your favorite kimono over your clothes, walk around for half an hour and take all the pictures you want! All for just 1,000 yen, it is a deal that should not be missed.

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