This dynamic South Korean capital mingles everything from glorious temples, historic palaces, beautiful nature trails, and state-of-the-art urban architecture, all within the city! Not only is there a myriad of things to see and do, but Seoul is also a foodie’s paradise.

Seoul is constantly alive; whether it is at 4am or 5pm, you will always find something interesting to do! Stretch beneath the horizons of the city with reliable public transport, so you never miss an opportunity!

Skip to the good stuff, and explore our expert picks of what to see, do, and eat in Seoul! With this comprehensive travel guide, you can plan ahead, with information on everything from transport from the airport, best street-foods to nibble, right until what souvenirs to buy to remember your trip.

How to Get from Seoul Incheon Airport to City Centre?

Here are the best transport means to get from Incheon Airport to city.

Where to Exchange Money in Seoul?

Here are the money changers in Seoul for you to exchange money with the best rates.

What to See and Do in Seoul?

Here are the must-does in Seoul for first-timers.

What Are The Korean Must-eats in Seoul?

Here are the best dishes Seoul has to offer.

What Are The Best Street Food in Seoul?

Here are the delicious bites to try while touring Seoul shopping districts and markets.

Where to shop in Seoul?

Here are the best shopping districts and markets in Seoul to shop for cheap stuff.

What to buy in Seoul?

Here are the must-buys for yourself and your loved ones at home.

What to Do at Night in Seoul

Nightclubs are among the best places to enjoy a fun night out in Seoul.