Allow one of the world’s largest cities to enchanting you, oozing with energy and activity, the sounds of punctual trains, and 13 million inhabitants occupying the neighborhoods. Look around as the neon signs paint the buildings hues of vibrant colors, with the reflection illuminating the night sky. Looking for an unforgettable view? Standing 333 meters high, the Tokyo Tower features an unbeatable 360 view of the fluttering city lights and beyond.

For a blissful escapade, visit the Zen temple grounds, mellow historic Buddhist shrines, and stunning gardens. Whether you are seeking hustle or relaxation, Tokyo is the perfect spot with a harmonious balance of both.

Craft the ultimate itinerary with our insider travel guide on Japan’s largest city, featuring everything from transport information, top kimono fitting stores, best sushi spots, to must-buy souvenir ideas and flea market bargains.

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