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Best Ways to Get From Kuala Lumpur International Airport to City Image credit: enciktat

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is Malaysia’s most commonly used airport. This busy airport has two terminals: The main terminal is known as KLIA, which is the same as how we call the airport itself; The other terminal is named KLIA2.

We’ll be reviewing different ways you can get from the main terminal of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to central Kuala Lumpur since you’re most likely to land there.

But even if you say hello to the city at the KLIA2, don’t worry. The two terminals are only about 2.5 km away from one another, so they share the same modes of transportation.

In fact, you can easily transfer between KLIA and KLIA2 using KLIA Express. The inter-terminal journey will only take 3 minutes and will cost you only RM2 ($0.5).

The distance between KLIA and KL Sentral, a transportation hub in the city center, is about 55 kilometers.

10 Best Rooftop Bars in Kuala Lumpur with Great Views and Cocktails Image credit: Stratosphere at The Roof

There is no better way to savor the stunning skyline of Kuala Lumpur than looking at it from a bird’s eye angle. And the city rooftop bars are a true vantage point to do so. Pay a visit to one among the 10 best hotspots below, grab an ice-cold cocktail, munch on tasty delicacies, admire the breathtaking views and agree with yourself that you are having a wonderful experience in Kuala Lumpur.

5 Money Changers with Best Exchange Rates in Kuala Lumpur Image credit: wihtgod

Looking for the most convenient way to add some amounts of Malaysian Ringgit (RM) to your wallet for your Kuala Lumpur trip? And wondering where to find money changers with the best rates?

If you are after these questions, you will get your wanted answers in this article. We also include useful information for you to be in the know.

Is there a limit to how much money one can take?
There is no limit on the amount of foreign currency that people can bring in and out of Malaysia. However, the amount of Ringgit is limited to the equivalent of US$10,000.

Where to exchange money in Kuala Lumpur (KL)?
You can convert your currency into RM by using the service of banks and hotels or withdrawing from ATM. But a wise traveler know that these are not the ways to maximize the amount of RM you can get from a certain amount of currency exchanged.

So find a local money changer to gain more RM for your wallet while being in KL. These service providers come in forms of individual money changers and currency exchange chains.

Where to get the best rates?
If you have been to Bangkok before and have engaged the service of the two Supper Rich companies, you would agree that these chains often offer the best rates in the capital of Thailand. Of course, it is the story of changing money in another city. But you will see the similarity between the two cities’ currency exchanging scene soon.

In KL, locals who are going to travel abroad and visitors who do research online seriously will convert their money at the most reputable money exchange chains in town such as Vital Rate, Max Money, NS Cashpoint, UAE Exchange and Metro Exchange.

Besides having the advantageous rates, these chains also place their branches at tourist-friendly locations like shopping malls (Sungei Wang Plaza, Pavilion, Suria KLCC, Mid Valley Megamall) and commercial areas (Central Market, Chow Kit Market). So just bring your currency and travelers’ cheques to KL and have them exchanged with ease.

Most Kuala Lumpur malls remain open until 10:00PM everyday, so do the mall resident money changers.

Please note that all money transactions above RM3,000 require a valid ID.

Your task is easy now: Just scan through the below recommended money exchange companies and their branches and select those that suit you most.

10 Best Cultural and Practical Souvenirs from Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a marvelous place to shop for sentimental and thoughtful souvenirs to provide a glimpse of the Malaysian culture to your loved ones. Whether you are looking for unique jewelry, silverware, beautiful fabric or Malaysian snacks, Kuala Lumpur has it all!

It can be difficult to know what are the best things to buy when you visit a new place. Fear not! This article has you covered. Read on for the top 10 truly Malaysian souvenirs to buy in Kuala Lumpur! And don’t worry, all of them are easily transportable.

10 Best Budget Shopping Places in Kuala Lumpur: Cheap & Fun Image credit: madrugadaverde

Shopping is one of the top activities of visitors in Kuala Lumpur. This vibrant city offers a wide range of shopping choices from modern malls and specialty shops to lively street markets.

Among those, it is the cheap shopping places that draw the crowd. Cheap doesn’t mean that the experience is less enjoyable. Malls like Berjaya Times Square and Sungei Wang Plaza incorporate excellent entertainment facilities to enhance the shopping experience. Central Market drenches people in art spirit. And Taman Connaught Night Market celebrates street shopping in Malaysian style.

5 Best Shopping Malls in Kuala Lumpur: The Most Comfortable Image credit: Emran Kassim

Kuala Lumpur is bursting with an array of shopping malls, featuring everything from high street fashion, local boutiques, branded retail, and cheap budget finds. With eight different malls in the core of the city alone, it is no surprise that Malaysians are serious about shopping!

When you stroll into a KL mall, you will find everything you need under one roof – from bars, restaurants, fashion and onsite attractions, so everyone in the family is satisfied during the day out! Intrigued?

Read on below for the top 5 shopping malls in KL, and get your wallet ready!

5 Best Nightclubs in KL (2017) to Dance The Night away Image credit: Play Club

Kuala Lumpur transforms into a vibrant, buzzing scene when the night falls. Roam around the streets, and you’ll find dozens of watering holes, clubs, bars and lounges filled with everything from frequent party goers, to young tourists that are still in the mood to explore. Complete with bass-heavy tunes, exhaustive lists of beverages, and beautifully decorated venues, KL clubs are all ready for you to dance the night away! Take a look below at the top 5 clubs in KL, and get those moves ready!

The 10 Best Things to Eat in Kuala Lumpur Image credit: mandameeca

Similar to the iconic tallest twin buildings in the world, the National Capital of Malaysia boasts unforgettable and exceptional food fare. With Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and Malay-infused cuisine, it’s no wonder that one of a foodie’s dream destinations is Kuala Lumpur. Their incredible wide variety of food is a reflection of the diverse cultural traditions they have.

With the infinite culinary options in this city, we’ve trimmed down all the choices that to our opinion, are the 10 best things you definitely should have in the Klang Valley.

Once you’ve experienced Kuala Lumpur’s cuisine, you’d discover that their food is incredibly cheap, full of different tempting flavors, very enticingly aromatic and have varied textures, thus always making every meal a wonderful gustatory experience.

From flavorful curries, to slurp-worthy noodle and soup dishes, savory meat viands to decadent desserts, Kuala Lumpur has something good to offer everybody, depending on what one fancies and one’s budget.

KL’s food scene is aptly comparable to Petronas Towers’s stature – exemplary, well-known and a constant great source of pride.

Here are the 10 best things to eat in Kuala Lumpur.

The 10 Best Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur Image credit: fazon

Kuala Lumpur is considered as a green capital of Asia. It may have undergone rapid development in recent years yet still managed to retain its natural charm. Tree-lined streets, lush parks, and verdant hills live in harmony with skyscrapers and modern landmarks.

Most foreign visitors who come to Kuala Lumpur become enamored with the city, promising to return for another memorable trip.

One might ask, what is it about Kuala Lumpur that attracts all these travelers? This list of top 10 things to do in Kuala Lumpur could give you the answers. From shopping sprees and food trips to historical tours and eco-adventures, there is always something fun for everyone to do in Kuala Lumpur without breaking the budget.

Read on and start planning your trip to the capital of Malaysia, truly Asia!

Best Ways to Get Around in Kuala Lumpur Image credit: 06photo/123rf

Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital and the most populous metropolis of Malaysia, is a busy city that has a very diverse transportation system. In fact, the city is notorious for its heavy traffic during rush hours.

That’s why many visitors usually go sightseeing on foot. But if you know which modes of transportation are convenient and at what hours you should take, you can actually enjoy getting around in Kuala Lumpur without having to spend much time walking.

In this article, we will help you figure out transportation means that work best for you. Read on and complete this must-do homework before landing at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.